Friday, January 18, 2008

Tell Them

"As it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet:
'A voice of one calling in the desert,
Prepare the way for the Lord,
make straight paths for Him...And all mankind will see God's salvation.'" (Luke 3:4-6)

Whether I am ever published or considered a good speaker does not compare to the compelling call Jesus has on my life. The burden to be a witness to Him and to love for Him is oftentimes so great that I am left speechless. At this point in my life, I don't know what my next career is going to be or what accomplishments I will attain to. All I do know is that Jesus has got a hold on me and I am compelled to write, listen, believe and watch in awe and wonder. I know for sure that He has called me to be His witness. I know for sure that the more time I spend with Him, the more of Him I want and the more of Him I will tell.

I have never been so madly, deeply in love with anyone in my life and no one has ever given me the amount of love that Jesus has. There are times when I can't even fathom how wide, deep, high and long the Lord's love is. It is of such great magnitude that I know I could never do anything or enough of anything to get it.

Most of us have a hard time with simplicity because it is too simple! Yet God, Who only spells His Name with three letters, is simple. All He wants from us is us. I get to come as I am with all that I have and sit with Him. He sits with me, the one who has made many mistakes, has been called a failure and other hurtful names by loved ones and strangers, the one who has been ridiculed and rejected. He loves me enough to tell me, "Everything is going to be alright."

I had a wonderful Bible teacher who knew the Word so well. She is an amazing instructor, so full of history and wisdom. One night, she was teaching on the Song of Solomon and it was a night that I was in deep, dark despair. This night my soul ached and my teacher in her soft sweet voice said she was going to read the last three verses of Song of Solomon and give us her interpretation. She said she might get in trouble for sharing it, but she was willing to take the chance. After reading the verses, she said, "I believe God is saying, 'Oh, don't look at me with those big beautiful brown eyes of yours. For when you look up at me, my heart just melts. I love you so much; I just want to give you the world!'" At that moment, God filled every void and longing in my life. My soul was restored and I discovered my Heavenly Father was all I ever needed. He became my all in all and He wants to be your all in all. So much so, He sacrificed His Son for you and me. Jesus allowed humans, His brothers and sisters, to hammer nails into His hands and feet out of love for the Father and us. We are worth saving! We are worth blessing! We are worth loving!

No matter what you have ever said or done, there is no greater love than the love of Jesus. He commanded us to love the Father and each other. I may not always be able to speak eloquently and my grammar and punctuation may not be perfect, but I pray that I will always speak boldly the words He gives me.

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Tina Vega said...

May the Lord continue to use you in a BOLD way! Your passion and love for Him is infectious...