Friday, May 25, 2012

Go. Sit. Wait for His Touch

There are two stray cats that live outside my office.  I have been feeding them for about two years and now the male cat comes to love on me and anyone who is a cat lover.  Throughout the day, I see him sleeping in the bushes outside my window or wandering across the parking lot looking for someone to give him a good belly rub. Whenever there is a car coming through the parking lot, he will saunter over to see if the driver, a passenger, someone, or anyone is a cat lover in the vehicle.  He's not picky; just give him a good rub behind the ears, under the chin or on his fluffy belly.  Whatever you can give for however long, works for him.

As I watched him today, I thought of how we seek after love, acceptance and recognition.  How we sometimes and for long periods of time, seek out love in the wrong places or at the wrong time in our lives.  We forget or choose to ignore the ever-present, always available God who sits and waits patiently for us.  He is the only one who will always have a loving touch to give, acceptance and recognition to bestow upon us.  How many times a day do we drop what we are doing to seek His loving touch, His gracious words of love, His provision and care, His true and reliable companionship? He promises in Jeremiah 29:13 that He will be found when we seek Him with our whole heart.

Today, I chose to take time throughout the day to seek Him. He has met me every time with His loving touch. Go ahead. Go. Sit. Wait for His touch.

Be blessed,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Just Try

Last week I was working on an updated version of my website but had run out of site pages to work with. Money is tight, so I thought I would add the pages once I had earned some extra money and then finish the site. Even though I had earned the five free page site as a bonus, I figured it only came with the initial five pages and any additional pages would come with a fee.

About four days went by as I eagerly anticipated a few extra dollars coming in.  While waiting, I decided to check the price of additional pages only to discover that all I had to do was to click on "Add Pages" and I would have what I needed. Duh! I laughed at myself and thanked God for the lesson on trying. All I could hear in my head at the time was, "Just try."

This may be a simple message, but it is one that God has proven several times over this week.  I have been challenged with building and marketing a new business with little to no money and every small step taken has proven fruitful.  Each small step has resulted in big, unexpected solutions, ideas and responses to prayer. Just as Jesus took two small fish and five loaves of bread to feed thousands, He has taken my small steps of intention and inquiry and provided abundance.

Many of us look for abundance and provision in our everyday needs and desires with specific expectations. But God has a way of showing up and showing off in ways we may never imagine on our own.  He will give us answers to prayer for abundance or need, but we have to be open to His presence and the likelihood that He will meet us in a surprising way.

If there is something you long to have, do or be, but are afraid to take a step, do it anyway. I know it is easier said than done, but take this suggestion from someone who has struggled with self-esteem, value and worth her entire life. God really does love us and He really does want to bless us.  It's okay to be uncertain or afraid, but know that a simple step may be the opening God was waiting for you to give Him so that your efforts could be multiplied. Step out. Reach out. Just try.

Be blessed,