Friday, May 25, 2012

Go. Sit. Wait for His Touch

There are two stray cats that live outside my office.  I have been feeding them for about two years and now the male cat comes to love on me and anyone who is a cat lover.  Throughout the day, I see him sleeping in the bushes outside my window or wandering across the parking lot looking for someone to give him a good belly rub. Whenever there is a car coming through the parking lot, he will saunter over to see if the driver, a passenger, someone, or anyone is a cat lover in the vehicle.  He's not picky; just give him a good rub behind the ears, under the chin or on his fluffy belly.  Whatever you can give for however long, works for him.

As I watched him today, I thought of how we seek after love, acceptance and recognition.  How we sometimes and for long periods of time, seek out love in the wrong places or at the wrong time in our lives.  We forget or choose to ignore the ever-present, always available God who sits and waits patiently for us.  He is the only one who will always have a loving touch to give, acceptance and recognition to bestow upon us.  How many times a day do we drop what we are doing to seek His loving touch, His gracious words of love, His provision and care, His true and reliable companionship? He promises in Jeremiah 29:13 that He will be found when we seek Him with our whole heart.

Today, I chose to take time throughout the day to seek Him. He has met me every time with His loving touch. Go ahead. Go. Sit. Wait for His touch.

Be blessed,

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