Tuesday, January 29, 2008


"But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing." (James 1:4, KJV)

"Endure until your testing is over. Then you will be mature and complete, and you won't need anything." (James 1:4, GWT)

I hate waiting, especially when I know what is supposed to happen in a situation. I just want it to happen already! Obviously patience is a virtue that the Lord really needs to make complete in me. He has given me visions of what He wants me to do and be and this time in the waiting room is driving me nuts! I just want to be who He created me to be and get on with it. I'm chomping at the bit, wanting to serve the Lord right now in the gifts He has given me.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. How much longer Lord?! What else do I need to do? Have I done something wrong? Did I really hear Your call on my life? You know God is in control when you can't seem to move in the direction you believe you should go and doors seem to be shut really tight. Then you hear the words, "Be still and know that I am God." Ooops, that's right. This dream is not about me, but all about God. If I am not patient enough to wait on Him, then I am not ready for His vision.

This time of waiting is a time of preparation. It is a time to be still and know Who God is. It is a time of restoration and transformation, surrender and humility. It is God's time to bend, mold and shape us into the visions He has given us. We have no control over the length of our prep time, but must trust in the Lord. His work in us creates a pliable, available and willing servant, one who wills to do for His good pleasure. He chose us and we are not our own. Our lives and all that we have are His for the using.

Even though this time in the waiting room seems to be taking way too long, My Lord is closer than ever. He meets me even when I don't call on Him. He leaves little surprises every day; generous unexpected blessings. Everyday He teaches me something new about Himself and the desires of His heart. I have fallen madly, deeply in love with Him and eagerly look forward to His Presence. What will He bring today? What is in store for tomorrow? His Presence is my hope in the waiting room.

If you are "stuck" in your waiting room, trust that the Lord really has something great He wants you to accomplish. He will bring it to pass. Stop fighting what you don't want and be still before Him. Be teachable. Lean on Him for patience, wisdom and discernment. Ask Him for the grace and joy to live each day His way. "Let patience have her perfect work...," and discover the greatest gift in your waiting - the Lord Himself.

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