Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Goodness of the Lord

"O taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man that trusteth in Him." (Psalm 34:8 KJV)

Hallelujah! God is good! He answers the prayers of His children just as He promises. How faithful is our God!

We received wonderful news about my uncle today. He is able to move his limbs, talk and turn from side to side. Only God can take bad situations and turn them into miracles. When given the chance He will show Himself in a mighty way.

God longs for us to pray and cry out to Him. He desperately wants us to ask Him for things, changes in situations and His Presence in our lives. He created us so He could give us all things out of devotion to Him. I look at what He has done in my life - all the times He has brought me out of darkness; the moments of joy in each day; His love through Himself and others; answering prayers before they finish on my lips; moments where He uses me to bless someone else; and most importantly, sacrificing His Son so that I may live sin-free. How blessed could anyone be and how could I not be devoted to Him?

How do you thank God when He blesses you with your heart's desires? How do you thank Him for the little surprises throughout the day? How do you express the joy He brings in any moment? I can't help but love You Lord! You are my joy. I am truly grateful that You use me to touch Your children. I don't need anything in return because the joy of blessing fills me up. How You must feel when You give to us.

Years ago, the Lord placed a longing in my heart to do and say things that would make people happy and give them hope. He has filled me with such a strong sense of compassion and discernment that I am often overwhelmed. My sincerest desire is that all of those I encounter each day will see the glory of the Lord. I gladly decrease that He may increase. I gladly tell of how the Lord has blessed, healed and freed those that I know and countless others in the past. I gladly tell the goodness of the Lord so that others may know Him.

Lord, thank you for using me so that Your children may know You. I ask that You live through every inch of my life so that others may know Your touch. Bless me in order that others may be blessed as I know that is the purpose for my life. Keep me surrendered, bold, strong and courageous so that others will know for sure Your goodness. All that I am and all that I have is to simply show who You are. May You and You alone be glorified. In Jesus' sweet holy Name. Amen.

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