Monday, March 26, 2012

Not Yet Time

Are your plans God's plans or are they your wants? Is that project you are working on His or is it something you are doing because you want the end result to be a certain way? We are used to things in life being in our hands, in our control and working as planned. Past experience of waiting on God takes too long and the end result never comes, it shows up and we don't want it anymore, or it turns out to be totally different and we don't know what to do with it.

We strive to live 24/7 to achieve the "shoulds" in life. Controlling our plans leaves us exhausted. We work to keep our eyes and hands on every body and every thing involved. If we don't, one slip could cause our plans to tumble and fall. Then we would be left with nothing, or so we believe.

With all the work we have put into our plans and the fruition of our desires, we have a hard time understanding times of waiting on the Lord. When we have had confirmations, been commissioned, received visions and support from others but are not seeing the desired results, we become fearful, frustrated, angry, uncertain and disappointed. There is a possibility that what we want may not happen. Yet, we want what we want when we want it, especially if we have worked hard for it.

Life with Christ is the exact opposite. What would happen if we didn't hold on tightly? What would happen if we decided we wanted something but did not plan or set goals for it? What would happen if we just trusted God to bring our desire to pass in His own time? After all, He claims He is in control and nothing happens without His knowledge. If we were to accept that, then what do we do in the meantime? Surely there has to be something for us to do because, well, we're supposed to be doing something all the time. If we aren't, then we're lazy. Besides, God would not and could not give us the dreams in our hearts if we did not help Him or take control of the plans. Or could He?

The Bible is full of characters who took matters into their own hands because of unbelief, impatience, and/or peer pressure. We have Abraham and Sarah who decided to have a baby through Sarah's maid instead of waiting for God's timing for their son, Isaac. There is Peter who rebukes Jesus when He declares His impending death, not understanding that Christ's purpose was death.

In these instances and our own circumstances, if we look we will see that our waiting is simply because it is not yet time. I am learning that life is not about all we can get, do or be. We were created to live in relationship with God. Period. Our getting, doing and being are by-products of that relationship, not its purpose.

Waiting is not the norm in this world. Being still is equated with laziness. Yet, being still in the Lord, even while we are in the midst of an activity or in time alone with Him, gives us the ability to receive and manage the fruition of our plans, dreams and desires when they do come. Waiting is frightening because we are used to going and afraid of what people will think if we are not. But being still is sweeter. The peace of God is in that place of waiting. The presence of God is in that place of waiting. The answers, the truth and the path to take are in our waiting.

When done for the Lord's sake, our waiting will never be in vain.

Be blessed,

"Be still, and know that I am God..." Psalm 46:10

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