Monday, March 5, 2012

Comparison and Calling

Why do we spend time comparing ourselves to each other? What on earth do we each have that the other wants bad enough to do almost anything to have it? We spend money on clothes, beauty products and other material items. We go to conference after conference, buy book after book hoping for the key that will unlock exactly what we want or the true path to achieving it all. We drive ourselves crazy and in some cases become obsessed with getting who and/or what we want at any cost.

Is this comparison frenzy worth the cost? Is it worth going to jail for? Is it worth getting into debt? Is the physical and/or emotional pain due to loss, heartbreak, or change worth it? When you achieve or receive what you want, are you pleased, happy, overjoyed, or are you overwhelmed, disappointed, scared? What do you do after you have what you want? What's next to chase after?

For me, comparison has been an enemy all of my life. It has kept me from moving forward to try new things, speak the truth when the situation arises, stand strong for myself and pursue dreams. When I compare myself to someone else who looks the way I would like to or is doing something that I long to do, I work myself into an anxious place because I know I can do what they are doing or look the way they look. I think it is in my ability to achieve and have what they have and if I just work a little harder, discipline myself a little more, I know I can get there. The solution will come. God said all things are possible, so there has to be a way.

I forget that I was created in His image for His purposes, not mine. When the Apostle Peter asks Jesus what would happen to the Apostle John, Jesus said, "...what is that to you?!...You must follow Me"(Jn 21:20,22). To achieve the deep longings within, longings that come from Jesus in me, I have to keep my eyes on Him. He calls each of us to feed His sheep, not measure up to or out do them.

Instead of focusing on what other people are called to do, I must focus on the Lord and the plan He has for me. I am to remain faithful to the call He has placed on my life, not the one He placed on someone else. I can still learn from others because we all have something good to offer each other. But I must remember that my uniqueness has a purpose, and it is His.

Remembering that I am chosen, a co-heir, predestined for a particular work that He works through me, helps me get back on track. As I faithfully use the gifts and talents He has given me, I find that opportunities arise where I get to do what I long to do and be who I long to be. I trust Him instead of what others have to say about getting ahead. He opens doors that no human being could open on their own.

All things are possible, but only with God. We have to choose who we will follow and at what cost.


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