Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why Would and How Could He Love Me?

God loves me. I know this, not just because the Bible says so, but because He has said so. He has whispered answers to prayers in the midst of my struggles and laying down of burdens. He has placed delightful surprises in the midst of my cares and concerns. He has led me to Scripture verses that spoke what I mean to Him.

When I ask Him why He answers, "Because I want to. Because I can no matter what you believe you are. Because My heart melts when I look at you. I know you don't understand why or how, and that's okay. There are things I do that you will never grasp, so sometimes you will have to let go of your need for understanding and just accept that I do what I do.

As My child, you are much more than you believe yourself to be. I know this is hard for you to receive or believe, but someday you will. I tell you, don't worry about when or how, because it is something that only I can work in and through you. The only thing you can do is let go. Your belief and understanding will come in My time and in My way.

You are in My hands and on this earth because I want you to do and be something for Me. I know you are struggling and the tension and oppression are often too strong to bear. Living is difficult when you don't know why you are here or what you are supposed to do. Know that I am taking care of everything and in due time, you will know and see your why's answered.

I am asking you to endure in trust and patience. I know it's hard and I know you don't know how much more you can take. Take a deep breath; and then one more. Now lean on Me one more time.

I know these words are hard to receive, but know that I do love you because I want to. In the same way you seek companionship, love and intimacy with another, I seek companionship, love and intimacy with you."

On the days when I don't know what I am to be doing or where I am supposed to be on this journey, I listen for God. Even if I can't see or receive His words, I can take a deep breath and go one step further.

When you can't see or don't understand, please stop and listen. I promise He will whisper something good.

In Him,

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