Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obeying God's Nudges

Sometimes you just don't know. Sometimes God surprises you when you least expect it, but what He surprises us with is oftentimes an answer to prayer. We can never know when or how God will answer our prayers, but we can trust that He will.

I am finding that when I obey His nudges and do what He is urging me to do, a prayer is answered. Last week I had been praying for direction and assistance for my business. On Sunday morning, God kept nudging me to attend a different church for service and worship. I scrambled to get ready and arrived at what I thought would be late. But God always knows who and what we need when we need them. Throughout the service He answered prayers and provided an opportunity to worship and fellowship with new and seasoned friends.

I have read that it is important to be open to and aware of God's presence, being in a statement of expectation. He always comes in unexpected ways which may be why the Bible says we should be ready in and out of season. This passage was meant to remind us of the importance of being prepared to share the Gospel at any time as we may be brought before someone who needs to hear it. I also think this passage means that we should always be prepared for God to speak to and live through us.

What an honor it is knowing that God wants to meet us and be with us at all times. What an even greater honor to know that He will always be found when we choose to seek Him. Finding Him in the details of my day is where my joy is. Seeing how He meets me is a delight and knowing that He wants to always leaves me in awe.

I am often asked how I could be so in love with Jesus. My answer is that it took a long time and took me making the decision to believe Him. I am no where near perfect and there are moments of every day where I allow fear, worry and unbelief to settle in. But God is good and He has a way of reminding me of His goodness. I then have to decide if I want to stay in a place of turmoil or do I want what He has for me instead.

My experience may seem silly, but I have and am living in a better place emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have lived in the dark hole of depression and despair. I have spent months and years in oppressive depression, tension, anger and frustration. It is by the grace and power of God working in and through me that I am able to experience relief, healing and freedom from the pain of darkness.

Everyone's journey is different, but God is the same all the time. He is and always will be present, providing, directing, correcting and loving. We have to decide if we want to believe Him, receive Him and follow His nudges.

Be blessed.

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