Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thoughts, Revelations & Decisions on Adversity

In John 16:33 Christ tells us that we will have trouble, but we are to remember and be of good cheer because He has overcome the world.  That passage has been stirring in my head for the past few days because I keep trying to figure out how to be in a comfortable and pleasant state doing what I long to do at all times.  There is supposed to be joy there along with peace, fulfillment and abundance.  Jesus promised joy in Him and Paul always encouraged his readers to rejoice in spite of the hardships he endured for the sake of Christ.  What I have missed in their teaching is the lives they really lived on this earth.  They had joy not just in blessings, but also in hardships.  Really?

From my reflections on joy and the adversity and challenges I encounter on a daily basis, I have discovered that there will always be trouble and I should stop looking for a permanent state of bliss and comfort while here on earth.  Instead, I must get over myself and go live the life He has given me.  We can have comfort, peace and joy in this world, but lasting comfort, peace and joy can only come in Christ.  The joy, peace and comfort He promises is meant for now and in the midst of our adversity, not for some desired permanent state in the future.  My lesson learned:  We are not to be kept from adversity; we are to be kept by God in it.  We can choose to dwell on and succumb to adversity or we can choose to dwell on and surrender to Christ, His character, promises and power.  Our adversity is what it is and we have it for the purpose of His glory, not ours.

Throughout the Bible, God has promised to never leave us nor forsake us and He won't (Joshua 1:5).  Life will always have hardship, but our hope can be kept in the promise of who we are (co-heirs, Romans 8:17), Whose we are (God's children, Romans 8:16), and His promise of eternal life (intimacy with Him, John 17:3).

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