Thursday, December 27, 2007

Draw Near

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." (NASB)

How badly does God want us to be near Him?! He calls us in so many different ways, yet we get so caught up in our wants and don't wants, our desires, likes and dislikes. Our circumstances suck the life out of us, because we can't see Him for the chaos in front of us. He is in everything at every moment and in every detail. How we must grieve Him!

When I think about the Scripture above, I see Him with outstretched arms waiting for us to run to Him for the promises of comfort and rest. How many of us run to Him? How many of us run to Him every time we have a need, desire or concern? How much more of Him could we have if we not only turned to Him, but faced Him all day long? What would we know? What blessings would we receive and be able to pass on to others? Would we know unspeakable joy? Could we have a taste of grace in every moment of every day?

His Word is an invitation to us to come to Him for Him and all that He has for us. When we struggle, strive, stress and strain, He looks down on us with such heartache because He knows that if we would just accept His invitation, our joy would be full. We would have confidence, blessed assurance in our Almighty Father who loves us so. We would have peace that surpasses all understanding and blessing upon blessing. He would then be our all in all.

He is waiting with outstretched arms for us to run to Him. He so desperately wants to wrap His loving arms around us and give us all things. When we cry out in despair, frustration and defeat, He looks upon us with a melting heart, a heart so full of love. He just wants to give us the world.

I pray that you will visit "His Invitation" often and that you will be encouraged and lifted up. Our Lord has so laid it on my heart that He just wants us to come to Him and stay with Him, trust Him with all things, give Him every bit of who and what we are. He REALLY does want us to cast EVERYTHING at His feet! He REALLY does want us to come, rest, be still and truly know that He is God. There is no longer a need for us to keep taking our "stuff" off the alter and dragging it with us as we go about our lives.

I invite you to accept His invitation, an invitation that never expires.

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