Thursday, January 21, 2010

Follow Me and Change

Change. It's uncomfortable, different, comes with uncertainty, may cause us to respond in fear, sometimes lets us be in control and other times takes us for a ride. At times it may be necessary for our well being and other times, it may be meant for harm.

Are there some people, situations, beliefs or habits that need to change in your life for your greater well being? Are there places of pain or fear that keep you from changing? Are there needs so deep and painful that they take your breath away when you steal a moment to think about them? Is there a longing so deep within your soul that compels you to cry out because it is the only response you have to give? When you pray for relief, do you believe God has answered your prayers or do you keep saying them out of fear that He has not heard you or that you are not worthy or the need isn't big enough?

When Jesus called the disciples and said, "Follow Me," they did. Why? Was it a compelling command or was their response out of simple human curiosity? By His appearance, did He have something better for them - better than collecting taxes or hauling fish? We now know that His message and works were compelling and still are to this day.

If Jesus said to you, "Follow Me," would you go? Would you leave all that you are clinging to and follow Him? Many of us would say, "But, I have this or that to do. But, I am not ready to go because I don't have this or that or I don't look the part." The apostles went without regard for what they had or did not have or what they were or were not.

With all that you know about Jesus, would you willingly give up all to follow Him? Does knowing who He is and His promises of rest make you consider following instead of leading for once in your life? In the midst of your fear, uncertainty, distrust and pain, did it ever occur to you that "Follow Me," could be the answer to your prayers or fulfillment of your deep need? He gives us invitation after invitation to take His yoke upon us after laying down our heavy burdens, yet we still insist on going our way.

What would happen if you accepted His invitation? What would life be like if you followed Him? What if it was better than it is now? Would it be worth stepping out and away to follow Him?

Think about it.


Jill said...

Great words! As someone who has taken more steps to follow Him over the last few years, I say yes it is worth it!! Easy? No, but worth it yes!!! Thank you for sharing and prayers as you follow Him! ~ Jill

Kathy S. said...

Hi Monica, I just popped over from your comment on Renee's blog. It seems we are into the same thing if I understood your comment. We are embarking on new positions in Women's ministries.

What does yours look like? I thought we might encourage one another. I just held my first meeting on Sunday for "casting vision" and planning the year. Pretty excited about what the Lord might do!
btw, I noticed you have no photos and no decorations on your blog. Is there a reason for that? It is fun to get to know one another via pictures...

Kimberly said...

Follow me. Not a question but a quiet command. Yes, I would follow him. I'm trying to follow him. No, it's not easy but it is my heart's desire. It is easy to get sidetracked, to be overwhelmed by the worries of the world but the blessings that await us in heaven are so worth the sacrifices here on earth. Thank you for these words, these thoughts and affirmations. Thank you for being obedient.